Saturday, November 1, 2014

Back To Mah Blog

Well hello I'm back. I loved doing this blog as a kitten. There for a while in my teen age days the blog seemed so passe. But as I have become more mature, and adult cat I thought hey, why not chime in om world and national events same as anyone else? We hear from the left, the right, the advocates and even the big party the apathetics weigh in. So why not a cat. But this stuff is hard work. I need a staff. So besides my human minions I have this one below. Senior adviser Silvercat.

This is my unimpressed face. I have been reading up on the election. You humans are weird. You seem to run in packs. Anyway I have seen that many of you may not vote. I would if i could but well my kind is not welcome at the voting booth. Besides i don't have thumbs. Anyway, be sure to vote.

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